I wrote a paragraph!

I probably shouldn’t interrupt my writing to note that I wrote a paragraph but I felt the need to share.

I have been working on this manuscript forever.  Okay, not forever, but it feels like it, between knowing I should work on it, looking at it, thinking about it, trying to ignore it, talking about it and actually writing it.

Just to see how long it’s been in the works, I checked the document creation date: 28 Oct.  “Oh, a month,” you say, that’s not bad!”  Well, I’ve had the analysis from my co-authors/research assistants since mid-May and I fully intended to have it written early this fall so I could move on to another writing project.  Yet, here I am, at the end of November, delighted that I have managed to write a paragraph of the discussion section.

Do I even want to look at my list of sabbatical projects?  No, I do not.  I thought I was being sensible when I outlined what I intended to accomplish.  Little did I know that the will to work would evaporate as soon as everyone else went back to campus.

But I wrote 126 words in just two hours!  Really, I’m on a roll.