back in the saddle

First day back in town:

  • up at 9:30 after falling asleep around 3am
  • met  a colleague/friend for an early lunch
  • attended a student poetry reading event on campus
  • spent two hours going through my campus mail and continuing the office organization
  • met with a student considering graduate study
  • spent two more hours working in the office: cleaning, filing, responding to emails
  • met four colleagues/friends for dinner
  • called Niece #3 for a quick check-in
  • paid bills
  • talked to SG
  • worked on a manuscript for an hour

I don’t normally go to student readings – forgive me, but the only thing worse than high school poetry is college poetry – but I got an email from one of the students involved last night, asking me to attend if I had the time.  Even then, I would probably have declined but three of my former students were involved in the event, and all of them are some of my favorite kids from my London program.  So, I went.  It was really nice to hear their work – I’m sure I was a bit biased but I thought they were the best of the bunch – and they seemed pleased that I came.  So, good use of time on my first day back!