the shopping continues

I didn’t intend to do any shopping today but it is awfully nice to have a few more things in the present pile.

I ended up taking my car in to have a brake light checked after lunch (turns out I needed a new sensor) so I just stayed out.  I picked up some Christmas cards (which implies that I will actually send them), found a few things for SG and finally figured out something to add to Adorable Nephew’s books (a model car!).

And, yes, I did some shopping for me.  I managed to find a few long-sleeved tops and a couple of sweaters that fit after hours in dressing rooms (clothes shopping is not a quick process).  I think I finally have enough to get me through the winter now – only because I won’t be dressing to teach – thanks to my efforts this week.  I’m not happy about having to buy larger clothes but it’s definitely better to have things that actually fit me.