inverted day

I am so much more productive at night.  I finally get wind in my sails around 4pm and, once I get going, I can work until midnight.

Yet, I crave sunshine.  I’m utterly useless when it’s grey and overcast, whether day or night, so you’d think I would be super-productive during sunny daylight hours.

Nope.  I can make myself work, of course, but the gears don’t seem to function until most people are ready to quit for the day.

If I was a single woman, this would not be much of an issue, but my proclivity for evening toil makes things tough when it comes to balancing work and SG.

2 thoughts on “inverted day

  1. SmalltownProf says:

    Again I’ll recommend a Melatonin tablet for him, 30-60 minutes before bedtime. I have similar issues and the stuff really works well.

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